Steam-Powered Cities

Chapter 1: follow the leader

Day 1: On the river.

It’s 9:20 pm. The boat caravan is dark, and difficult to see, but at least i know it’s there. We’re traveling with a whole variety of people. none of which seem to be in the mood for talking except for a detective sitting across from me, but that’s fine. There’s another man in my boat, and he doesn’t seem the friendly type. I saw a glint on his arm before. it’s probably a blade, but i can’t be too sure until he acts. Hopefully it’ll be a quiet trip, though I know for a fact that it won’t be.

My suspicions about the man were correct. he was indeed, an assassin out for my blood. the Barge in the middle of the caravan turned it’s guns on the people, and the assassin tried to do away with me. He failed, though. thanks to the detective across from me. Within seconds, the boats were under fire. i had to stop them. Luckily, I had help. A doctor, a strange inventor, a quiet huntress, and the detective were all on board with me. They seem to be good fighting types, but they have much to learn. I see much potential in them. I will offer them the training and board once we arrive in metropolis.

Day 2: On the river.

Today went by relatively slowly. everyone was on the barge, and there was enough supplies to last us. I believe the Detective received a letter. I believe it might’ve been someone trying to set him against me. it’s alright, though. if i am right about him, he’ll still join me.

Day 3: in river’s corner city.

we arrived in river’s corner city this morning. I gave the passengers money for drink and room. the train for metropolis leaves tomorrow morning. I hope everything goes smoothly, but with the roads these days, it won’t be uneventful.

Day 4: on the railroad to Metropolis.

Finally, we’re bound for Metropolis. I haven’t been home for several months now. I simply can’t wait to see how Baldrick is doing, being in charge of the elites. Regardless, every road that I’ve travelled on, we have been attacked. I’m sorry for all the fellows I have recruited. Just in being around me, they are in danger. I must keep a watchful eye.

As I expected, we were ambushed. Several thieves rode next to the train on horseback, and I am thankful that I had some assistance. I ran and made sure the passengers up front and the conductor were safe, and when I came back, I was pleasantly surprised that the group held off a dozen thieves, and two more passengers had joined in: a brawler and an amateur thief. The aura is calm, and daylight is waning. We will be in Metropolis soon.

From the notebook of General Arthur Florentine.

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